Harvest Speed & Strength is dedicated to helping athletes reach their full potential and are looking for interns who have the same passion. 


The Harvest Speed & Strength internship program is designed to provide leadership, mentorship and hands on experience for those interested in the field of sports performance, including speed, strength and conditioning. The goal for our interns is to finish the internship better equipped as leaders, confident and competent in their coaching abilities and dedicated to the physical, mental and spiritual growth of athletes. We respect our interns and believe they will add value to both our staff and athletes. We offer intern positions for the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer training sessions.

*Harvest Speed & Strength internships are not paid experiences.

What we look for in interns:

-Motivated to learn

-Passionate about helping athletes of all abilities


-Excellent communicators

-Detail oriented

-Ability to multi-task

If you are a current athlete, former athlete, aspiring coach, college student, or transitioning veteran and want to do Harvest Speed & Strength Internship, apply below!

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