Elite sports performance training and programming that focuses on speed, strength, agility, explosive power, conditioning, position and skill work for youth, high school, college and professional athletes 


Harvest Speed & Strength exists to equip athletes physically, mentally and spiritually to reach full potential in order to maximize their performance both on and off the field.


Harvest Speed & Strength offers the best training and programming in the nation, state of the art facility and equipment, world class coaches, and a positive and competitive environment for its athletes. Below are some areas our athletes are trained and tested on:

  • Athlete Evaluation / Movement Screen

  • Mobility / Flexibility

  • Linear Speed ( First step quickness, acceleration, top end speed)

  • Multi-Directional Speed ( Agility, footwork, change of direction)

  • Strength, Power, Explosiveness

  • Resistance Training ( Harness, sleds, bands, medicine balls)

  • Conditioning (Work capacity)

  • Reaction Training

  • Sport Specific Skill Work

  • Athlete Testing

  • Film Study and Whiteboard Training

  • Joint Stability / Balance / Core

  • Recovery Training

  • Nutrition

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